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10 steps to sell your property on Lamudi

10 steps to sell your property on Lamudi

Are you thinking of selling your property?

Lamudi, an one online marketplace for Nigeria real estate classifieds provides buyers and sellers a property listing platform to buy, sell or rent properties.

On the platform, you are provided with the opportunity of a search option/interaction for accessing a wide variety of all the possible types of properties from houses to flats, plots of land, commercial and development properties.

According to Lamudi, properties can be listed on the online real estate platform thus:


  1. On the homepage, click on list your property.
  2.  Register your email address if you have not already done so.
  3. Fill in your personal details, and then click on ‘Create New Account’.
  4. Choose between listing ‘Property for Sale’ or ‘Property for Rent’.
  5. Fill in the required information about the property including the price, address and summary description.
  6. Select the location from the available geographic dropdown list.
  7. Provide more property details (the more you provide, the more interest it will generate), including number of rooms, building size, plot size, key features, etc.
  8. Upload a minimum of 5 pictures, but preferably 10+ (buyers need to see what they might buy) including both exterior and interior shots of your property.
  9. Provide your full contact details including phone number and email.
  10. Click on Save and then Publish!
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