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Facebook backs Mobile Web

Facebook backs Mobile Web


Social media giant, Facebook has announced that its Audience Network will now include support for mobile web, enabling 2.5 million Facebook advertisers to reach more of the people they care about on mobile devices.

Facebook says that mobile web continues to be an important platform for a lot of publishers, especially news and media publishers noting that  publishers still struggle to monetize their traffic.

On average, news sites receive approximately 40 percent of their traffic from mobile devices. Also, a comScore comparison shows that the top 1000 mobile web properties have 2.5 times the reach of the top 1000 apps.

“Today, Facebook enables publishers to use its people-based targeting and ad formats – including native ads – to allow efficient monetization of mobile web traffic”, according to Facebook.

“This is similar to our existing Audience Network product for mobile apps; we are simply extending the delivery of ads to mobile websites.

It just takes one click for advertisers to expand their campaigns beyond Facebook and Instagram to reach people across all touch points in the entire mobile ecosystem (app and mobile web)”, according to the tech company.

Under the plan, and across mobile web, Facebook says that publishers will now be able to monetize their mobile web native formats. They will also be able to use native ad formats, including carousel ads as well as create native versions of standard formats – native formats that currently make up over 80% of the impressions on the Audience Network today and perform up to 7x better than standard banners formats.

Publishers can now leverage our fully customizable native units, and innovative formats like carousel ads that showcase multiple images, to create unique ad experiences that match the look and feel of their mobile website, Facebook says.

According to the company, “we’re also helping publishers create easy-to-implement native versions of standard formats, such as 300×250 medium rectangles, to improve the ads experience of every ad served from Audience Network.”

Donatus Anichukwueze Technology Writer at Technology Times Media e-mail: donatus.anichukwueze@technologytimes.ng

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