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Valentine: Microsoft spices up Windows Store with romantic content

Valentine: Microsoft spices up Windows Store with romantic content

Microsoft says it will be spicing up Valentine’s Day with tips from Windows 10, Cortana, and romantic movies and music available in the Windows Store.

”The tips are specially designed to make February 14 interesting and memorable”, the tech company say ahead of the lover’s day celebration

First of all, to set you in the mood, just in case you are not in the mood yet, Microsoft introduces new special in-the-mood playlist-Music for Lovers-Microsoft Groove, which features 30 songs such as “All You Need Is Love by Beatles,” “Unconditionally by Katy Perry,” “The Sultry of All Me by John Legend,” etc, to relax, inspire, and uplift.

Also, to turn up the heat and save you the stress of booking reservation, Microsoft Edge Cortana will share restaurant reviews, help you to book the perfect table for two at a favourite local restaurant, and more interestingly, remind you when it’s time to go.

Windows 10 new “Allthecooks Recipes,” “Epicurious,” and “So Cookbook” offer hundreds of meal for every occasion.

Netflix and Amazon provides after dinner romantic movies such as “The Fault in Our Stars,” and “The Notebook to Romeo and Juliet.”

Another interesting valentine package is the Microsoft Wrist Band 2 which can serve as a special valentine gift to you and your partner.

Microsoft Band 2 will help you and your partner to keep track of your couple adventures such as hiking, biking, running, and other various exercising activities.

Not forgetting the new 1-800-Flowers App where you can place an order of the perfect bouquet or a dozen red roses at the click of a button.

Just add your items such as flowers, Microsoft band 2, and other valentine packages and be rest assured that Cortana will always remind you of them next time you are near the store.

Other Microsoft Valentine packages include digital gift card for the window store and secret message to your crush where you can select any design of your choice and Microsoft will send the message straight to their email address, the company said

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