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Skype group video call comes to Windows 10 mobile

Skype group video call comes to Windows 10 mobile

Skype has  announced the rollout of Skype Preview for Windows 10 Mobile, a new update that will enable group video calls on Windows 10 phones using Skype.

The social media service provider of calls over the Internet says with this latest update, Skype users using the Windows 10 mobile can now have up to 25 friends and family come together on a free group video call, and talk face-to-face with a 1:1 call.

Skype for window 10 mobile now allows group video calls
Skype for window 10 mobile, now allows group video calls

The update will also enable users to send messages friends in an instant to share photos, emoticons and Mojis to liven up conversation, and can also quickly reply to Skype messages, without any need to open Skype.

Skype says this updated Skype Preview is also available for Windows PC, in addition to the many more communications features in other Skype clients including calling mobiles and landlines at low rates, leaving and receiving voicemails, putting a call on hold, and answering a call if already on a call with call waiting.

For a new way to bring expertise, products, services and entertainment into daily messaging on Skype, Skype says it had also released a preview of Skype Bots, in addition to the collaboration tools such as file sharing, screen sharing and translation for audio and video calls.

Skype also announces that it will soon be rolling out other new features for Skype on Windows 10 Mobile, which will include the SMS relay.

With the SMS relay feature, Skype users would be able to send SMS messages from a Windows 10 PC or Windows 10 phone, with the ability to send and receive texts, group messages, and photos all in one app, as well as a single view of SMS and Skype conversations.

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