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AccuWeather app offers crowdsourced weather feature

AccuWeather app offers crowdsourced weather feature
AccuWeather, Inc. has introduced AccUcast, an new interactive crowdsourcing feature available in its iOS app where users can now share their local weather updates.
The global leader in weather information and digital media says that AccUcast is the only crowdsourcing tool with live crowdsourced weather maps that provide current weather conditions submitted by users in a global animation display.
The tech company says that AccUcast is available for global locations through the AccuWeather universal iOS app. Users can submit their local weather and hazard condition observations through the app’s landing screen, map screen, settings menu, and AccuWeather MinuteCast screen.
The Apple iPhone 4 showing apps
The Apple iPhone 4 showing apps
The AccuWeather App is available on the App Store for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at App store.
According to the company, weather conditions include clear, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain, snow, ice, or hail, and hazard conditions include damaging winds, slippery roads, flooding, and reduced visibility.
“After the user’s weather report is submitted, it is visible on the map screen as a pin resembling a person, which distinguishes it from the other user-submitted weather observations on the map”, according to AccuWeather.
“Our mission is to personalize the weather by making it more localized and more interactive for all of our users,” Steven Smith, AccuWeather President – Digital Media says. “AccUcast’s crowdsourcing capability gives app users an innovative and easy way to share their weather observations and to see what other followers are experiencing nearby. By combining AccuWeather’s Superior Accuracy with real-world observations from our users, we are empowering people worldwide to participate in weather forecasting to make the best decisions that improve and protect their lives.”
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