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South Africa’s AG Mobile unveils four smartphones in Nigeria

South Africa’s AG Mobile unveils four smartphones in Nigeria

AG Mobile, a South African device marker today launched four mid-range smartphones in Lagos to drive its expansion in Nigeria’s booming mobile market.

Formerly called AG Cellular, AG Mobile says it hopes to  establish itself as a serious contender in the competitive Nigerian mobile device market by “finding its way into the hearts of Nigerians, just as it has across some African countries.

“As a proudly African brand, we believe that we will bring great value to Nigeria. We have started by building relationships with well respected brands such as MTN, Etisalat, Ringo and Jumia, and creating employment opportunities and supporting the networks objective to advance Nigeria’s connectivity from 2G to 3G, the company said at the official media launch held today in Lagos.

Founded in 2007, AG Mobile now has presence in nine African countries and has  grown  to provide affordable  feature and smartphones in some parts of the continent.

”This development forms part of the brand expansion strategy to provide more Africans with affordable quality products while investing in markets that offer mutually beneficial opportunities”, TayShira Santamaria, executive head of marketing (Global) AG Mobile Nigeria, told attendees at the Lagos launch.

AG Mobile says that plans are underway in completing its first retail outlet in Ikeja Computer Village, the nation’s largest tech market cluster.

”We are also completing the installation of our first retail space at the Ringo Arena in the Computer Village in Lagos and we will be rolling out similar outlets where customers can experiment with live devices before they purchase them. Any repair issues will be administered at an in country repair centre”, Santamaria adds.

One key issue AG Mobile says it will work on from its Corporate  Social Responsibility(CSR)  perspective is to ensure the drastic reduction of unemployment among the teeming youth population.

‘’The big thing for us is about providing people with opportunities. Our CSR is going to be involved in creating jobs for people that is what we will contribute from our CSR perspective, also enabling people with entrepreneurship and business opportunity which may have not existed previously”, she adds.

Speaking of the durability of the phones, Santamaria told attendees that the brand has gone through serious accreditation process and have been approved by Nigeria Communications Commission, the nations telecoms regulator and other global tech players like Google.

With launch of nearly 60 device model already, the company says that the brands will not only meet the needs of its customers but also offer an excellent user experience.

‘’Today phone users wants devices with advanced specifications and features that are supported by exceptional customers services . AG mobile offers this and more free value-added elements, preloaded social networking apps and one year warranty.’’

TayShira  noted  that the high level functionality of AG mobile device is largely due to established strategic partnership with MediaTek Inc., a global leader in semiconductor technology.

‘’MediaTek’s smartphone chipset platforms equip our devices with multi core processor excellent power efficiency and comprehensive network technologies support. Our relationship is based on shared goals to drive innovation and make technology more affordable and accessible for many people’’.

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Kolade Akinola Technology Journalist at Technology Times Mobile: + 234 (0) 807 401 6027