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Priv by BlackBerry: Inside Blackberry’s Android smartphone

Priv by BlackBerry: Inside Blackberry’s Android smartphone

Blackberry Limited, the Canadian device maker, jolted the technology world with the launch of its new Android smartphone, Priv by Blackberry.

Blackberry, a popular maker of secure and high reliability software for industrial applications and mobile device management extended its privacy assurance quality into an Android smartphone.

According to Blackberry Limited, Priv has all that is expected from an Android and its applications. It comes with added security to let you know you could be at risk, so you can easily monitor and take action to improve your privacy.

Before now, Nigerians had always been one of the world’s best users of Blackberry phones until late 2013 when Android phones invaded the Nigerian smartphone market.

With this innovation by the Canadian device maker, may be it might regain its position in the Nigerian market.

Key Specifications of Priv by Blackberry

Blackberry Priv screen display

The Priv is a full Higher Definition smartphone with 540 ppl and 2560 x 1440. The full height with the slide out keyboard is 184millimetres, while the standard height is 147mm and the bottom is 9.4 mm and  curved top edge is 77.2 mm.

Priv by BlackBerry

Blackberry Priv camera 

Priv is equipped with an 18megapixel Full High Definition back camera  that is capable of taking a shot from 27mm distance  with Geographical location tagging , phase detection and pure view technology dual ,LED flash  and  Auto focus,: 4k resolution video camera that Reframes and re-crops high-resolution photos. Effects and filters with exclusive photo editing tools

The front camera is 2 mega pixels which is for selfies and video calls..


PRIV comes with a Micro Storage Drive that is up to 200 Gigabytes with internal storage capacity of 35Gigabytes.and 64BIT HEXACORE Central Processing Unit with 2terabyte Micro storage Deice system support and 3gigabyte of Random Access Memory.

Everyone knows that the memory size of a smart phone has a key role to play as far as the phone function its concern, but with this uncommon memory size capacity with Blackberry PRIV Microsoft office and all other large documents will be very easy to work on. (You can view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files without using any original formatting. Save large files on the device and return to them whenever you want to).

KEYBOARD: the physical Qwerty 4 row Slide-out  keyboard  with 35 keys that operates alphanumerically and makes your typing very fast with accurate suggestions, it response to touch gestures are very sharp, that when you type the web page links, scroll bar and phone info shortcut options appears in its wider screen.


It comes with an impressive non-removable 3410 mAh battery( fast battery charging 60% in 30mins), which is capable of making calls on phone for 24hours Third Generation (3G) enabled, music and video playback can last for 11hours, but on a normal mixed used situation it can last you for 30hours.

This battery is built for busy people that constantly receive calls and chat at the same time like I use to do.


The Blackberry Android has  a different OS but the Blackberry Limited said, immediately you connect the phone to internet it will prompt you to upgrade the OS to the latest version during the activation process which is Operating System 10 that comes with :anti theft protection (blackberry Protect), Blackberry Blend  ( automatic update with any previously used device to recover all your stored applications and more ), Android Application Function ,Blackberry Assist ,Blackberry hub and more.


The Blackberry PRIV has 1 in built Microphone and 1 stereo speaker, very clear audio with rich stereo direction recording and its audio distortion free which is active noise cancellation with dedicated microphone from original scene.

Other  Features: it comes with all  windows 8 features like ,live Tiles and people Hub and can also be upgraded to OS version 10 , Qi-Enabled (wireless charging), NFC  Enabled (Near Field Communication),  any  kinds  document viewer and MP4 player.


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