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Google app on Android upgraded for physically-challenged users

Google app on Android upgraded for physically-challenged users

Google, has updated its app data base on Android to allow physically challenge user  interact with the simplicity of technology.

Google says the  new update on android include voice access beta which allows people who have difficulty manipulating a touch screen due to paralysis, tremor, temporary injury or other reasons to control their android devices by voice.

With the app, you can tell your smartphone to “open Chrome” or “go home” to navigate around the phone for instance, or interact with the screen by saying “click next” or “scroll down.”, Google says.

‘’Nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population will have a disability during their lifetime, which can make it hard for them to access and interact with technology, and limits the opportunity that technology can bring,’’ Eve Andersson, manager of accessibility engineering at Google, said in a blog post.

HTC One M8 smartphone running Windows Mobile
HTC One M8 smartphone running Android Mobile

‘’That’s why it’s so important to build tools to make technology accessible to everyone, from people with visual impairments who need screen readers or larger text, to people with motor restrictions that prevent them from interacting with a touch screen, to people with hearing impairments who cannot hear their device’s sounds’’ ,he adds.

Accessibility Scanner is another feature Google introduced to help developers test their own apps and receive suggestions on ways to enhance ease of access.

There are other features like the Android N which will include vision settings which allows people control settings such as magnification, font size, display size and talk back from the welcome screen.

And also an improved screen reader on Chromebooks. The new built-in ChromeVox Next Beta on Chromebooks includes a simplified keyboard shortcut model, a new caption panel to display speech.




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