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Bella: ‘Don’t Exceed 30 minutes on Instagram’ and Other Success Tips from ‘The Other Bull of Globacom’

Bella: ‘Don’t Exceed 30 minutes on Instagram’ and Other Success Tips from ‘The Other Bull of Globacom’

Don’t spend more than 30 minutes on Instagram, Mrs. Bella Disu, Executive Vice Chairman of Globacom, the Second National Operator (SNO) of Nigeria, says in a 2022 goal-planning advice to her fans on LinkedIn

Mrs. Disu, popularly called Bella, is the number two executive at Globacom, owners of Glo Mobile, the second-largest mobile phone company in Nigeria, and is the daughter of Dr. Mike Adenuga, founder and Chairman of the telecoms group, who is equally otherwise called “The Bull” because of his strong-willed determination for business success.

Bella, who has come to be known as “The Other Bull of Globacom” after being named number two at the telecoms group has a few pieces of advice for people hoping to achieve their goals in 2022.

Mrs. Bella Disu, Globacom Executive Vice Chairman says goal-planning is vital for success. Photo credit: LinkedIn.

“I’m an « in-person » person first! Voices notes, texts, and then phone calls!”

Mrs. BellA Disu, Globacom Executive Vice Chairman.

Bella, who shares her personal prescription for their yearly goal planning to achieve success on LinkedIn, says it is useful to also have a ‘not-to-do list.’

“Three weeks into the year and as usual, Bella writes in a LinkedIn post, “we are neck deep into goal planning.” “Year in, year out, it’s a constant evaluation on how to better achieve our goals – prioritize, focus, be consistent, and self-develop.”

The younger Adenuga, who says that “2022 has seen me more amped to success by having a NOT To-Do list” adds that it was “a simple but brilliant tip I picked up recently.”

According to her, “Daily, I list out the things that I want to ensure don’t occur, so that I achieve my tasks with razor-focus. This may seem rudimentary, but as leadership expert, Craig Groeschel clearly puts it « you’ll never do big things if you are distracted by small things ».”

Bella’s Three Not-To-Do List include:

  1. Do not spend more than 30 minutes on Instagram daily. (Ok, weekdays ! 😄)
  2. Do not spend more than 15 minutes on your Photos daily, no matter how many memories Apple reminds you of.
  3. Do not miss reading The Economist between 7am – 7.30am.
    In a seprate note the Globacom top exec of the Nigerian telecoms group avoids phone calls, and would rather opt for voice notes which she quips as “My happy place!” to gain control over her daytime daily time management goals.
Work-life balance: Off work, the Globacom Executive Vice Chairman is seen at home baking buns for Easter. Photo credit: LinkedIn.

“I avoid phone calls during the day”, Bella says, “unless they are scheduled or extremely important.” “Initially, this was due to the anxiety I got whenever my phone rang. A few years ago, this reason changed to the need to gain control over my time management during the day.”

For her, “Phone calls often go on longer than expected and they can interrupt your flow. There’s also that awkward point where you aren’t sure how to end the conversation. Most importantly, when your attention is focused solely on the call – you are hindered from doing other things.”

If you were to ask Globacom’s other bull, in order of preference, she has this for you: “I’m an « in-person » person first! Voices notes, texts, and then phone calls!”

“For me,” Bella says, “voice notes bridge the gap between texting and phone calls. I am able to convey my thoughts succinctly and when in doubt, there’s always a reference!”

As of December 2021, the Nigerian telecoms market recorded 195,463,898 active phone lines with Globacom-owned mobile business unit, Glo Mobile, recording second place with 54,817,363 (28.09%) in a market segment led by MTN Nigeria, 73,594,682 (37.72%); followed in number three place by Airtel Nigeria, 53,926,886 (27.64%) and 9mobile, 12,789,344 (6.55%).

Bella, who has garnered growing followership on LinkedIn, could be seen discussing baking cross buns at Easter to discussing issues like discerning cultural nuance and norms, to her dream for the African continent.

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