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Bendy Tablet PCs on the horizon


You may think your shiny new iPad Air or Samsung Galaxy Tab has you covered for innovations for the next few years but think again.

According to Strategy Analytics research the shape of tablet computers will, literally, change radically over the next five years.

The report, “Global Tablet Enabling Technologies Forecast by Region,” is forecasting that “bendy” tablets – built using new flexible display technologies – will be launched in 2015 and that sales will reach nearly seven million a year by 2017.

That’s only a small dent in the total market of more than 400 million but it’s a sign the tablet we know and love could look very different by the end of the decade.

“Innovation never stops and competition is so intense that we can expect many new technologies to drive the tablet market over the coming years,” says Peter King, Director, Tablet and Touchscreen Strategies (TTS). “Flexible displays have been waiting in the wings for many years but the signs are that they will finally become commercially viable in the near future. Tablets are the sort of form factor where this particular innovation could be most successful.”

Other advanced tablet technologies will also be increasingly prominent over the coming years. They include competing wireless technologies like WiDi (Wireless Display), WiFi Direct and Miracast which make content sharing easier.

Another innovation which will catch on is NFC (Near-Field Communications), which lets devices connect to each other by touching them together.

A third of tablets will be NFC-enabled by 2017, according to Strategy Analytics forecasts.

[blockquote right=”pull-right”]”The tablet has become one of the fastest growing consumer electronics products of all time,” Matt Wilkins, Director, Tablets and Wearables notes adding that, “emerging tablet technologies will ensure that this device remains central to many people’s lives and increasingly takes on the role of content hub within the digital home.”[/blockquote]

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