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Blackberry Passport gets gold makeover

Blackberry Passport gets gold makeover
The Goldgenie team, a UK luxury customisation company has released a new range of Blackberry Passport luxuriously embellished in gold to breath three choice colours into the Canadian smartphone maker’s best device so far.
The Goldgenie team said they were so impressed with Blackberry’s latest release, they have adorned it with gold.
“The Blackberry Passport is now the only smartphone on the market with a physical keyboard and Blackberry have worked their magic to bring intuition to the keyboard itself, which is now touch-sensitive.  When the masters of mobile business productivity combine with the masters of luxury customisation, it is bound to result in a masterpiece that is both functional and beautiful”; Goldgenie said in a statement.
Goldgenie pioneered the art of gold-plating a smartphone and since gaining investment and support from BBC Dragons Den’s James Caan in 2007, the company said.
The Goldgenie artisans can encase the Blackberry Passport with a choice of 24K Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum, according to the company.
Goldgenie says that Blackberry Passport is Blackberry’s most sophisticated smartphone release yet and that explains its attraction for giving the device a new lease of golden remake.
Combining the intuitive dynamics of a smartphone on its large square touchscreen with the reassurance of a physical keyboard, the device offers a its users both modern innovations and the stability of a traditional phone.
The phone also delivers the best battery performance to date with up to 30 hours of battery life. It comes with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage plus 128GB MicroSD card and a 13MP OIS Camera. And while its internal capabilities are impressive, it looks good too!
Surrounded by a sleek square metal frame, the large screen can display full desktop websites so web-browsing isn’t compromised and reading is effortless without having to scroll.
The device’s keyboard is also touch-enabled, allowing for both accuracy and intuitive responsiveness as you navigate your workflow.
Also, great convenience is offered by Blackberry Hub, which allows users to stay on top of conversations across email, BBM, text messages and social media platforms in one place.
“The device is aptly named, as it is surely the perfect ticket to sail through both work and leisure at ease.  And after Goldgenie’s luxurious embellishment, the Passport holder will be a firm member of their Gold club and benefit from a lifetime guarantee on its customisation”, the company says.
Goldgenie have grown their international presence and recognition for quality from its London headquarters as the company has become well-known for their luxury embellishments on technology and lifestyle products and their unique touch and services hold great allure throughout the world. Due to their pioneering presence in the luxury market and longstanding trusted reputation, Goldgenie count blue chip corporations, such as Blackberry, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce and celebrities including Elton John, the Beckhams, Roman Abramovich and P. Diddy as loyal clients, the company says.
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