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Dialogic, Coure ink tech deal to check banking fraud

Dialogic, Coure ink tech deal to check banking fraud

Dialogic, a technology solutions providers and Coure Software and Systems Inc, a business automation firm operating in the US and Nigeria, have announced a new tech deal to check fraudulent banking transactions.

The deal will also let Coure use DSI Signaling Web Services (DSI SWS), a tech solution by Dialogic to expand its Number Management Services (NMS) offerings to value added service providers and network operators across the continent.

“Coure will deploy the DSI SWS platform to support SMS and Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) network-based services that require number lookups, LNP, specialized routing, and security and fraud detection capabilities”, the companies said in a joint statement.

The Cuore service will provide access to service provider’s Home Location Register (HLR), Visitor Location Register (VLR), and Short Messaging Service Centers (SMSC) to start offering value-added services to customers for detection of Detection of fraudulent transactions for banking and financial enterprises. It will also offer bulk SMS offload and Do-Not-Disturb services to help reduce or stop unwanted calls or texts, according to the company.

“The Dialogic DSI SWS will allow us to offer intelligent, value-added routing-based services at high scale that can help our network provider customers across Africa rapidly deliver services involving SMS, USSD, and fraud detection,” Uche Onwudiwe, CEO of Coure says. “The virtualized DSI SWS platform allows us to offer these capabilities as a network service so our customers don’t have to deploy the infrastructure – that helps them save CAPEX and implement services faster.”

DSI SWS can enable service providers to bring together subscriber location, device level interaction over USSD, and messaging using standard web services development techniques, according to Coure which says the service “can be deployed as either a hardware or fully virtualized software appliance.”

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