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9Mobile VP, Dikko, bids good bye to phone company

9Mobile VP, Dikko, bids good bye to phone company

Ibrahim Dikko, the Vice President of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs at 9Mobile is leaving the mobile phone company formerly called Etisalat Nigeria.

Technology Times has learnt that Dikko’s has officially notified the new managers of 9Mobile, which has been taken over following indebtedness to a group of creditor banks, of his planned exit.

The 9Mobile VP’s imminent exit is one of several high profile human resource losses that the mobile phone company has faced in the wake of its financial troubles.

People conversant with situation at 9Mobile told Technology Times that they are ruling out the possibility of Dikko switching to a competing operator.

Dikko was the Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs where he was responsible for regulation, community and environmental issues, before he was promoted to a VP in 9Mobile.

According to the company, his role involved “leading the Corporate and Regulatory Affairs teams in an integrated approach to achieve the company’s strategic plan of forging and maintaining valuable partnerships among all its stakeholders.”

He was responsible for managing the toughest public image crisis suffered by 9Mobile following the crisis faced by the mobile phone company in the wake of the takeover by creditors.

Nigeria’s phone subscriber numbers reached 139,444,227 by August this year split among MTN Nigeria, 50,051,572 (36.1%); Globacom, 37,304,367 (26.83%); Airtel Nigeria, 34,321,613 (24.6%) and 9Mobile, 17,349,731 (12.5%).

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