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Dimension Data pushes cloud services for enterprise migration



By Olubunmi Adeniyi

cloudLagos. January 28, 2013: Dimension Data has launched new cloud readiness services to accelerate enterprise migration into the cloud.

The solutions provider explains that comprehensive cloud assessment programme aids organisations in developing their cloud strategy while mitigating operational and deployment risk.

Steve Nola, CEO of Dimension Data’s Cloud Solutions Business Unit opines that, “the lack of a long-term cloud strategy can result in costly re-architecture and reintegration measures down the line.

Nola says that Dimension Data brings a rich heritage in building multifaceted enterprise IT and hybrid cloud solutions, enabling organisations to build a cloud roadmap that preserves business agility and operational efficiencies even as their business needs evolve.”

According to him, Dimension Data’s approach addresses readiness across four critical aspects of cloud computing: business alignment, organisation, infrastructure and applications.

With expertise in networking, virtualisation, security, data centres, application migration, Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud technologies, Dimension Data’s team of consultants deliver a cloud roadmap to help organisations realise the benefits of cloud computing more immediately, he adds.

Jeff Packard, Dimension Data’s Global Head of Consulting and Professional Services, says that, “moving to the cloud is a complex process. There are many aspects to consider such as security, application migration, internal readiness, billing, authentication, single sign-on, and integration with other applications.”

According to him, “even the most sophisticated IT organisations find the process of migrating to the cloud challenging. Leveraging our expertise across traditional IT and cloud services, Dimension Data now offer its clients a suite of consulting services to help them prepare for their cloud journey.”

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