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Eko Atlantic City viewed from space


By Olubunmi Adeniyi


Eko Atlantic Satellite photo
Eko Atlantic Satellite photo

Lagos. February 5, 2013: A spectacular photograph of the successful reclamation of land from the sea for the new Lagos city development, Eko Altantic has been captured by an American satellite orbiting that is more than 400 miles above the Earth.

Eko Atlantic is a planned district of Lagos, Nigeria, being constructed on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean. It is located on the Lagos Bar Beach. Upon completion, the new island which is still under development is anticipating 400,000 residents and a daily flow of 250,000 commuters.

The high-resolution image seen by the American satellite shows the Lagos coastline of Victoria Island in early January, 2013 when the newly reclaimed land mass of the Atlantic Ocean had reached more than four million square metres, according to a statement.

The new development is protected by a sea-revetment known as the Great Wall of Lagos.

The Great Wall has been built to more than three kilometres in length and will soon reach the halfway stage. It will not only protect Eko Atlantic from ocean waves but the low-lying Victoria Island as well.

The satellite view clearly illustrates that the developers and city planners of the new city now partially restored the coastline to where it was a century ago.

Eko Atlantic is being positioned as Africa’s leading investment opportunity for residential and commercial activities.


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