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Ericsson to buy data centre start-up, NodePrime

Ericsson to buy data centre start-up, NodePrime

Ericsson plan further investment in a U.S. data centre management start-up, NodePrime, by acquiring 100% of its operations and talent.

Ericsson says it will integrate NodePrime’s technology into its Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000, a software platform that enables discovery, analysis and automated configuration of existing and new data centre hardware platforms.

The amount involved in the investment was not disclosed, however, Ericsson revealed that it will be paid in cash.

This acquisition is also expected to help Ericsson reduce sourcing risk and secure control of roadmap direction and acceleration, the tech company says while NodePrime will be incorporated into Ericsson’s Business Unit, Cloud & IP.

NodePrime’s platform according to Ericsson enables any data centre to migrate to hyperscale infrastructure by starting from where they are. Serving as the brain of the software-defined infrastructure, the platform represents a huge power shift for service providers to make data-driven decisions about how they purchase, scale and create their ideal infrastructures.

James Malachowski, co-founder and CEO of NodePrime says “our vision from the start was to transform the infrastructure into a single entity where it’s entirely possible to grasp the management of hyperscale data center infrastructure through the collection of trillions of associated metrics inside one view.”

Malachowski adds that, “now being part of Ericsson, we further strengthen and expand Ericsson’s position as an industry leader in next-generation software-defined datacenters. Together we are creating a massive power shift for enterprises to make decisions on their own terms and scale with precision at the speed at which businesses need to respond today.”

Anders Lindblad, Vice President, Head of Business Unit Cloud & IP says that, “NodePrime has unique talent and was a clear choice to bring inside Ericsson. We believe in innovation coming from the Silicon Valley area and will continue to increase our presence and distribution of such innovation.”


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