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User experience is 10 times faster than 4G LTE, IXPN says amid Nigeria launch of IPTV


Fibre optic cable network provider and multi-systems operator, ipNX Nigeria Ltd, has said that the user experience on its network has now exceeded 10 time that of 4G LTE technologies offers under a new strategy heralding launch of IPTV service in Nigeria.

Ejovi Aror, Managing Director, ipNX’s Group said that launch of IP Television, which delivers picture perfect TV service over the Internet, is supported by the company’s fiber optic network cable system to deliver service for residential and business customers.

“The launch of ipNX TV fulfils our strategic objective of becoming Nigeria’s first multi system operator to deliver Triple-play services i.e. Internet, television and telephony to our customers, similar to what Verizon and AT&T are doing in the USA”, Aror said.

He also explained that set-up boxes (also known as STBs) have been given to 1000 subscribers of ipNX FOS who are testing ipNX TV for functionality, content and reliability.  Feedback from these customers is being used to fine-tune the television system before being launched to the public.

According to him, IpNX TV will offer a new form of personal entertainment when compared to what most consumers of digital satellite television in Nigeria are already used to.

Tunbosun Alake, Head of ipNX media and entertainment subsidiary, said that is now positioned as “an entertainment service that enables you chose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it and how you want to watch it.”

IpNX TV carries a blend of both live TV channels and video on-demand (VOD) covering a large array of genres that include news, movies, lifestyle, education, religion, music, among others that the viewer is allowed to personalise for maximum entertainment, the company said.

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