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FG to Civil Servants: No computer skill, no promotion

FG to Civil Servants: No computer skill, no promotion

A new Federal Government policy now bars computer illiterates in the Federal Civil Service from being promoted to the next grade level.

Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita, Head of the Civil Service of the Federation says the “No Computer Skill, No Promotion” rule was introduced in the Federal Civil Service to foster ICT literacy in the public sector.

Officers in the Civil Service should develop computer skills or be ready to forfeit their promotions, Oyo-Ita says.

The Head of Service hinted this in Abuja recently during a press conference where 12 civil servants were rewarded  for their punctuality and commitment to work.

Oyo–Ita, who gave Commendation Letter and a computer each to the 12 workers, explains that the computer reward was deliberate to drive home the call for a ‘digitized Civil Servant.’

The new order became necessary because the Civil Service will soon switch from biro-to-paper examinations to computer-based promotion examinations, she adds. Any federal servant who fails to sharpen his or her skill in computer would not partake in the computer-based promotion examinations.

According to the nation’s top Civil Servant, “the use of computers had been the major vehicle of change in the transition from industrial to information age.”

A Zinox laptop computer
A Zinox laptop computer

According to Oyo–Ita, “computer has made sending of information from one source to the other easier and simpler.”

She wants Civil Servants to be abreast of latest developments in Information Technology and Communication (ICT) and wants those who have already acquired IT skills to register and seat for the CPE pre-professional examinations or CPN Foundation Certification to show their proficiency in the use of IT tools for business.

Oyo–Ita also tells Civil Servants that are yet to acquire IT skills to visit any of the CPN accredited Training Centres to acquire the requisite IT skills for business management, especially those leading to the Computer Literacy Certificate (CLC).

Elizabeth Edozie Technology Journalist @Technology Times 08077671659 elizabeth.edozie@technologytimes.ng

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