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Gaming show, WAGE 2015 to aid learning among students

Gaming show, WAGE 2015 to aid learning among students
The West Africa Gaming Expo (WAGE 2015) will showcase exploits of gaming activities that will reinforce learning among students  Adolami, organizers of the annual gaming show have said.
WAGE aims to introduce educational gaming, game designing, game development and game playing to the local African community, according to Adolami.
Billed to hold between October 29th  and November 1st at Pinefield Schools Lekki Lagos, the gaming show  will see  children as young as 5 years old being taught the basics of coding and game creation.


‘’WAGE will  educate attendees about game development, generating revenue from gaming and how they can break into the tech industry through gaming’’
The four-day event will consist of conference, exhibition and a children’s day will give over 500 students, governmental organisations, ICT Professionals, teachers, and educational institutions the chance to listen and learn from top game developers and educators working in the gaming industry.
Organisations such as LEAP Africa, Bournemouth University, Serious Games Association and International Games Developers Association are already confirmed as speakers, according to organisers of the show.
”The developer’s session will act as a platform for individuals, organisations, associations taking part in WAGE15 to showcase projects they are working on, showcase different lifecycle stages of creating a game, educate attendees on what software’s to use and how, showcases course attendees can study to become game developers or work in the tech industry, answer questions from attendees”.
Bournemouth University will be exhibiting the list of course they provide, for anyone looking to study more about games production, Leap Africa’s pupils will be showing different projects and researches they have carried out in the field of ICT, whilst Serious Games Association will be showcasing games that can be used by educational institutions to educate teachers.
As the thriving hub of WAGE events, WAGE15 exhibition will be a place to play and see the latest games developed in the African region and beyond, organizer of the event have said.
WAGE 15 children’s day will showcase how e-learning and e-gaming can be used by educational institutions, teachers and parents to educate children whilst also teaching students above the ages of 5 the basics of game development and coding. Serious Games Association will be exhibiting award winning educational games from around the world.
The games will cover subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Writing, critical thinking, Health based games and much more.
The WAGE 15’s Children’s day  is aimed at showing Educational Institutions, governmental organisations, parents, teachers and the general public the benefit of teaching with games, educating young children on coding, and teaching games development course in higher education.

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