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Glo launches new Wi-Fi router for multiple device connection



By Olubunmi Adeniyi

glo logoLagos. February 19, 2013:  Globacom says it launched a new internet wireless router called Glo Mobile Wi-Fi to offer subscribers of the Second National Operator (SNO) faster and affordable online experience. 

The SNO says the new router will give home users and businesses the ability to be connected on multiple platforms at one time and offer an increase in overall speed and bandwidth.

“The Glo Mobile Wi-Fi is a mobile portable device that can connect up to five different gadgets like PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, PSPs, among others with equal power,” the operator says.

It uses Wi-Fi technology to enable these gadgets to browse, send emails and connect to social networks all at the same time, Glo adds.

Niyi Olukoya, Marketing Coordinator of Globacom says that the Wi-Fi comes with free SIM and free 1GB data for the first one month and another free 1GB data for the next six months based on continuous subscription. 

He adds that the new device is mini-sized with long battery life span while adding that the Glo mobile Wi-Fi is aimed at absorbing the massive demand for internet connectivity in the country.

“We are aware of the increasing appetite for internet connections. Consumers now want to connect on multiple devices like iPad, the smartphone, laptops, PSPs, iTouches and such other devices, everywhere and at all times,” Olukoya says.

The offers meet the needs of consumers who want to enjoy the best of three worlds in the form of up-to-date gadgets, unfettered internet access and affordability, Glo says.


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