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HTC Connect links mobile to home appliances

HTC Connect links mobile to home appliances
Phone maker, HTC is pushing a smart idea for mobile users to bring the benefit of their HTC smartphone to their living rooms by linking multimedia content directly to their home entertainment appliances through HTC Connect.
The HTC Connect feature being pushed by the phone maker as offering “effortless connectivity” that enable the HTC user to easily discover other devices, connect, control and stream content from their phone.

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HTC knows that traditionally the phone now offers great multimedia content to keep mobile consumers entertained when they are on the move. The smartphone maker’s HTC Connect hopes to deliver their mobile lifestyle into their living rooms as well.
“Now, it can also drive more fun times when you are at home by bringing the benefits and ease-of-use of mobile connected devices to audio/video receivers, wireless speakers, and Blu-ray players with HTC Connect”, according to the tech company behind the successful HTC brand.
“HTC Connect is designed to improve the connectivity between your HTC phone and HTC Connect-enabled consumer electronic devices or accessories”, HTC says as part of new ways to bring new levels of convenience to mobile consumers through improved integration among their consumer electronic appliances.
HTC Connect is able to deliver “a smooth user experience using HTC phones: from easy “no instruction manual needed” setup, to reliable response and smooth playback of photos, videos, and music – all without losing quality.”
It bring the added benefit of being able to share your favorite content in your phone across HTC Connect-enabled devices, regardless of manufacturer.
How HTC Connect works
A simple three-finger swipe up the screen of the phone enables the HTC Connect Program to turn your phone into the ultimate multimedia player – sharing any video or song, any place, anytime.
The intuitive, step-by-step process eliminates any hassle of having to fuss around with adjusting settings, allowing you to quickly begin playing all of your favourite content from your phone onto other devices.
HTC Connect
HTC Connect
HTC Connect Quick Guide: 2 steps only
(1) Two options: Output button in HTC Music application, or a simple 3-finger swipe up within any streaming audio or video application.
(2) Media output menu pops up so you can choose any available output consumer electronics device (using DLNA, Bluetooth or Miracast).
If just a 3-finger swipe up and ignore the media output menu that pops up, then you will connect to the previously chosen output consumer electronic device, HTC advises.


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