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Huawei launches 2 new smartphones, competes with Samsung

Huawei launches 2 new smartphones, competes with Samsung

Huawei has launched two affordable mid-range smartphones, the Huawei GR3 and Huawei GR5.

The Chinese phone maker boasts that its new devices have features and specifications which run neck and neck with some notable Samsung devices, giving the industry leader a run for its money.

In a statement to Technology Times, Huawei says both new smartphones are 4G-supported with a sleek metal finish and unique features that will cater to a wide range of customers’ preferences.

For example, the Huawei GR3 features an ultra-slim design comfortable for single-handed use and 160 degrees wide viewing angle screen.

It leaves customers a choice from three high-end metal color options, including titanium gray, silver and champagne gold.

The Huawei GR3’s 5-inch display makes it a great asset in visual experience, matching with 13 mega-pixel rear camera and 5 mega-pixel front camera for selfies.

Huawei GR3 SmartPhone
Huawei GR3 SmartPhone

According to Huawei, the GR3 is made with aerospace grade material and a solid and powerful octa-core processor with 2 Gigabytes of RAM and support for up to 128 Gigabytes of Micro SD card storage.

On the other hand, the company says the Huawei GR5 will be popular among photography aficionados and tech lovers as its camera comes with an independent metering function, and adjusts highlights and shadows in photos automatically.

The GR5 users may take selfies in 10-level beauty mode, panoramic selfie and a refocus mode.

The Huawei GR5 also boasts of the new second generation fingerprint identification technology which Huawei says is more comfortable, accurate and natural to use.

At the same time, it allows the user to perform simple functions like clear notifications, answer phone calls, or take pictures – even with sweaty hands.

Front and Back view of Huawei GR5
Front and Back view of Huawei GR5

Mr. Leo Jiang, the Country Manager, Huawei Consumer Business Group Nigeria, commenting on the launch of these new smartphones, noted that the Huawei GR3 and GR5 phones were designed to suit the lifestyle for the young and vibrant, as well as professionals on the move.

He says: “At Huawei, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our consumers’ experience with our devices and we are very happy with what we have been able to achieve. Our consumers will find that the Huawei GR3 and GR5 are faster, stronger and smarter and have been designed with great attention to details.”

According to the company, the Huawei GR3 and GR5 continue Huawei’s tradition of premium mobile devices that have set the industry standard for elegance and performance.

“With features and specifications comparable to that of some notable Samsung devices, Huawei is no doubt giving industry competition, Samsung, a run for its money by making every touch of its devices an interactive experience,” the company concludes.



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Donatus Anichukwueze Technology Writer at Technology Times Media e-mail: donatus.anichukwueze@technologytimes.ng