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Huawei, GhangorCloud partnership to confront increasing data security threats

Huawei, GhangorCloud partnership to confront increasing data security threats

Huawei, a global ICT solutions provider, and GhangorCloud, an information security and compliance solutions provider, say they are combining their strength to address increasing prevalence and severity of data security threats worldwide.

The partnership comes as many of today’s security solutions aimed at protecting an enterprise’s mission, critical and confidential data and information are being challenged by more prevalent highly sophisticated ‘Targeted Attacks’.

According to Huawei, these attacks can originate from unknown external sources as well as from ‘Malicious Insiders’ within an organization. Working together, both companies will offer the most comprehensive Information Security and Compliance Enforcement Solution to help customers improve their data security compliance in the cloud era.

The ICT solution provider says as a global leader in providing networking and computing infrastructure, the company will bring worldwide scale and unparalleled support capabilities to the partnership, with GhangorCloud offering some of the most advanced, patented data security and compliance enforcement technology available in the market.

Huawei further said that Customers seeking solutions to their data security problems will benefit from a combination of Huawei’s hardware server platforms and GhangorCloud’s unique data security & compliance software, representing a best-in-class solution, adding that GhangorCloud has developed ground-breaking technologies for automated policy synthesis and enforcement, highest granularity access control, identity and role driven GRC enforcement.

The company adds that since launching its renewed Middle East channel strategy in 2015, it has worked to extend its partner network collaborating with resellers and value-added distributors. In the enterprise ICT domain, Huawei’s partner strategy is to focus on close cooperation and integration with organizations like GhangorCloud to deliver its wide range of solutions based on a deep personal understanding of partners’ needs.

Speaking on the partnership, Colin Hu, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Middle East said, “GhangorCloud has helped lead the way in patented technology addressing top security and compliance standards that go far beyond traditional data security solutions.”

“We are proud to have GhangorCloud within our global partner network and we look forward to working closely with the team to jointly address our customers most advanced security requirements.” He added.

Tarique Mustafa, CEO/CTO of GhangorCloud, said the value of secure and confidential information is priceless to businesses in today’s digital economy, adding that the advent of Cyber Warfare and Insider/Outsider Malicious Exfiltration attacks on critically confidential data/information has created unparalleled security challenges for governmental agencies, sensitive National Security and Military organizations and private sector enterprises.

He expressed excitement to be among the key players of the vital role of providing vastly improved security solutions to customers. “We are excited to partner with Huawei and work hand in hand to play a pivotal role in helping business entities and government organizations to better protect themselves against accidental or malicious data exfiltration attacks”, Mustafa said.

The combined Huawei GhangorCloud solutions can be applied to virtually any market where the value of customer’s corporate data and confidentiality are essential. Together, the companies plan to work with top financial institutions, retailers, healthcare enterprises, IT & telecommunications providers, defense & military organizations, as well as government and national security agencies, says Huawei.

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