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Huawei Mobile Cloud Unfold Free Storage for Mobile Users

Huawei Mobile Cloud Unfold Free Storage for Mobile Users

The Huawei Mobile Cloud service has opened what the Chinese tech firm calls a free “digital home” for mobile users to store their memories on the internet.

Mobile users get to photos, videos, documents, apps, and more on Huawei Mobile Cloud also offers free backup service in the event they lose their phones or it breaks down.

By registering for a free Huawei ID and enabling Huawei Cloud, users get 5GB of storage on Huawei Mobile Cloud, Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) says in a statement saying that the online storage promised to offer “cloud-based back-up of all your holiday memories.” “Roughly translated, 5GB equates to approximately 2 500 photos. That’s a lot of photos for even the most prolific snap-happy picture taker in the family”, the tech firm says.

Technology Times photo file shows smartphone brands on display at the popular Ikeja Computer Village Market in Lagos. Huawei says its cloud storage service will allow users to store their memories on the internet in case they lose their device or it gets broken.

How Huawei Mobile Cloud Offers Online Vault

But have you given any thought to what would happen to those photos and videos if your mobile was lost, broken or stolen? Fortunately, with Huawei Mobile Cloud, this is no longer a problem.

Huawei says that “photos and videos are just two examples of how HUAWEI Mobile Cloud is the digital home of what’s most important to you. It can also store audio, documents, and app info, just to name a few. And by setting the back-ups to automatic, you can really ‘fire and forget.’

“You can even set the backups to only run when you’re in range of a trusted Wi-Fi connection or have it run at a set time every day. There is also the option to manually manage your back-ups if you’re a control freak at heart.”

For mobile users that want more than the 5GB free storage Huawei Cloud offers a range of added storage options from 50GB all the way through to 2TB available through monthly or yearly subscriptions, or even a once-off payment every 6 or 12 months.

Huawei Mobile Cloud, the tech firm says adheres to all global best practices and compliance requirements for personal data so that “nobody else will be able to see what you’ve stored in the cloud.”

And if the worst has happened, the tech firm says, “and your phone is no longer in your possession, you can easily wipe the data on there without it ever falling into the wrong hands, by using the Huawei Mobile Cloud website.”

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