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Huawei seeks industry support for broadband business innovation

Huawei seeks industry support for broadband business innovation
Huawei has called on technology industry regulators to balance the interests of various stakeholders and foster cooperation and business model innovation to drive broadband business.
Mr. Ken Hu, Huawei Deputy Chairman of the Board and Rotating CEO, made this call while delivering a keynote address at the ITU Telecom World 2014 underway in Doha, Qatar.
According to him, “in the future, broadband networks will continue to be the critical infrastructure that enables content providers, app developers and network operators to collaborate and engage in joint business innovation. I believe that the model of innovation in the future would be featured by mesh-shaped new partnerships, enabling any party along the value chain to participate and innovate. I would suggest all stakeholders to focus less on competition, but more on cooperation. The future of innovation for broadband can create diverse value for multiple winners including customers, enterprises, and investors.”
While calling for the support of the regulators, he says “I hope that the regulators can keep up with the pace of change in the development of technology and business models, while striking a balance between protecting the interests of various parties involved in the value chain. Looking forward, I anticipate regulators to encourage technology, business model, as well as investment model innovations related to broadband network deployment and utilization, paving the way to rejuvenating global broadband development.”
Mr. Houlin Zhao, Deputy Secretary-General and next Secretary-General, ITU, noted that “Broadband networks form a key driver for a country’s socioeconomic growth. Ubiquitous broadband has increased government efficiency, transformed business models, and improved people’s lives. Cross-industry collaboration and innovation are crucial to achieving digital inclusion for all. Huawei has actively partnered with governments and operators to modernize networks, accelerate broadband access, and build networks in remote areas.
In addition, Huawei has supported the ITU in building a connected world and making lives better. At this year’s annual meeting, the ITU named Huawei as a Strategic Partner in recognition of its significant contributions to and achievements in telecom initiatives worldwide. We look forward to broader collaboration in the industry to take society into a digital future.”
Kayode Oladeinde Technology Journalist at Technology Times. Mobile: +234 (0) 7031526929

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