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IBM unveils MobileFirst portfolio for global businesses



By Olubunmi Adeniyi

ibm logoLagos. February 23, 2013: International Business Machines (IBM) has announced the launch of a new mobile solutions portfolio called IBM MobileFirst combining security, analytics and app development software, with cloud-based services and deep mobile expertise.

Using IBM MobileFirst solutions, businesses can now streamline everything from the management of employee mobile devices, to the creation of a new mobile commerce app that will transform their entire business model, IBM says.

Through its new mobile portfolio, IBM says it is providing companies with the essential tools to take advantage of new business opportunities being enabled by mobile.

As the first new technology platform for business to emerge since the World Wide Web, mobile computing represents one of the greatest opportunities for organisations to expand their business. 

In addition to meeting mobile-specific requirements, the portfolio provides for rapid integration between cloud and social services as well as back-end technologies that help secure and manage strategic business processes,  cording to the technology company.

In another development, the company has announced an expanded relationship with AT&T to provide developers with tools to create faster, richer mobile apps and services for customers. For instance, organisations can now quickly incorporate payment and messages into their apps. 

Commenting on the new innovation, Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President, Middleware Software, IBM, says “to date, mobile computing has been dominated by discussions of new smartphones, operating systems, games and apps but enterprises have yet to tap into the potential of mobile business.”

He adds that, “just as the Internet transformed the way we bank, book vacations and manage our healthcare, mobile computing is also transforming industries. As these devices become ingrained in everything that we do, businesses are now in the palms of their customers’ hands. IBM MobileFirst is designed to make the transformation to becoming a mobile enterprise a reality.”

Manager Web Manager, Technology Times http://technologytimes.ng

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