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Gionee P5W smartphone: An ‘out-of-the-box’ user experience

Gionee P5W smartphone: An ‘out-of-the-box’ user experience

Chinese phone maker, Gionee, is slowly but gradually claiming a bigger pie of the consumer mind share in the Nigerian smartphone market.

For almost two months now, I’ve made the Gionne P5W smartphone my preferred device by using it day-by-day and trying to put every feature to use to come up with a honest review. So far, this appears to be the best device from Gionee. Here  are my observations and experience using the phone.

Gionne P5W: What’s in the box?

The device comes in a relatively compact box. Unboxing it was quite interesting I found a number of extras in the pack. It came with three plastic back covers. Mine was black, blue and brown colours. But others  has some other variants as well. The Gionne P5W  also comes  packed with a see-through case, screen guard and screen wipe.

The Gionee P5W does not come with a power bank, an essential accessory that is now bundled with most smartphones shipped into the Nigerian market. I had expected a power bank to accompany the 2,000mAH battery of the Gionee P5W smartphone.


Gionee P5W unboxed showing all the accesories
The Gionee P5W unboxed showing all the smartphone’s accessories
Gionee P5W accessories include the two extra plastic back covers, see-through-case, screen guard and a screen wipe


Gionee PW5 Physical Appearance

Gionee PW5 is a pretty big phone. At 5.0 screen inch, it’s no longer just a smartphone; it can be considered a phablet. And if you have a phobia for large screens, the Gionee PW5 smartphone isn’t for you. The phone looks better than its predecessor in terms of design. The edges are less curved and when held, the phone feels well-built and strong.

Physical appearance of Gionee P5W showing its 5.0 inch screen
Physical appearance of Gionee P5W showing its 5.0 inch screen



As a photo geek, I had to quickly check out the Gionee PW5 camera and I must say I was really impressed with the picture quality I got. I compared the Gionee PW5  5MP rear and 2MP front camera with Infinix Hot 2, which has 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. Surprisingly, I got a higher picture resolution with the Gionee PW5 smartphone. The PW5 camera also has filters, HDR and Panorama modes as well as PicNote to write text on photos after shooting.

Picture taken with the 5MP rear camera of Gionee P5W
Picture taken by author with the 5MP rear camera of the Gionee P5W smartphone


Battery life is pretty cool with a full charge as the PW5 lasts for  a day. It can stay longer than that with minimal browsing on the phone though. I consider that not bad for a battery of 2000mAh capacity, especially when I have used Infinix Hot 2 with 2200mAh battery (an extra 200mAh) that doesn’t last as long. That means that I had to charge the latter more than once every day.

Just like the Infinix Hot 2, the Gionee PW5 smartphone equally has a battery optimizer that helps preserve the battery life to do only basic phone functions when the battery life gets down to 15 percent of power.

2,000mAH battery of Gionee P5W
2,000mAH battery of Gionee P5W



The Gionee P5W runs on Android 5.1 (Lollipop) OS. One of the most prominent changes in the Lollipop OS is that it has a redesigned user interface which was made to retain a paper-like feel to the interface. There are also improvements to the notifications, which can be accessed from the lock screen and displayed within applications as top-of-the-screen banners.

This has ensured that the Gionee PW5 user interface runs freely with improved functions as seen in the areas of wallpapers and extreme mode that allows battery optimization.

The interface accommodates a handful of bloatware, but deleting them won’t give you any trouble likewise installing your preferred apps.

The phone also comes with a complete Google package, which when opened bundles such apps like Google Search, Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, Play Music, Hangouts, Google photos and Voice Search.

Some pre installed app on Gionee P5W
Some pre installed app on Gionee P5W

The Gionee PW5 also comes with FM radio and multimedia with an impressively sounding music player. For games lovers, the Gionee PW5 packs games like Spider-man Ultimate Power, Bubble Bash Mania, Asphalt Nitro, Cars Racing and Midnight Pool.

The  Gionee PW5 with all the specs mentioned above still has its own cons. The downside is the slow screen responsiveness.

Nevertheless, the Gionee PW5 remains one of the best options for someone looking to buy a mid-range smartphone.

The Gionee PW5 smartphone can be found at retail prices between N26,000 and N28,000, but that is depending on the retailer.

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