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New video feature lands on Instagram

New video feature lands on Instagram

Instagram says it has rolled out of its new looking “Explore” feature for users of the social media service around the globe.

According to Instagram, the video channels feature in “Explore” helps to make it easier for users to discover the videos they will love, as more videos are continuously being shared by users.

To explore the video channels feature, the social media provider says users will find a personalised channel called “Videos You Might Like” that collects videos from across Instagram’s global community into a seamless viewing experience.

”As users scroll through the Explore grid, they may also see “Featured” channels filled with videos on specific topics”, Instagram says.

Even with these changes, Instagram says Explore still works the same way, connecting users to posts about their interests from people they don’t yet follow. The more they like, the better Explore gets, adjusting to their preferences and showing them more of the stuff they enjoy.

Instagram says that users can tap “See Fewer Posts Like This” in the ‘…’ menu if they come across a post they don’t like to make your Explore experience even better.

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