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Interswitch tech to ease e-payments for churches

Interswitch tech to ease e-payments for churches

Interswitch says has unveiled new technology solutions for e-payments and management of churches and religious organisations in Nigeria.

The electronic transaction switching and payment processing company says the roll out of Interswitch Church solutions will allow  churches and associated religious organisations carry out key administrative, database, accounting and reconciliation activities in simplified ways.

Unveiled to stakeholders at a media briefing in Lagos recently, Interswitch says the solution were developed based on the appreciation of the unique requirements of religious organizations in Nigeria, in terms of enterprise resource planning and payment management.

Interswitch top officials at the  launch
Interswitch top officials at the  launch

Commenting on the launch of the new solutions, Paul Ohakim, Group Head, Industry and Retail Chains at Interswitch, says “with the introduction of Interswitch Church Solutions, we are extremely excited to partner with as many churches in Nigeria to assist them in integrating virtually every aspect of their activities from communication within various branches as well as with church members to providing easier payment management and clear reporting and tracking, raising administrative standards and promoting accountability.”

Throwing light on the essence of the new solution, the Interswitch executive explains that there are three variants of this solution, which churches can subscribe to. The first is the integration of Church accounting system to Interswitch Collections. And the second is customised mobile app with integrated payment solution from Interswitch.

During the live demo of Interswitch Church Solutions

With the third variant, the Asoriba Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and payments solution for Churches, clients can either choose to subscribe to the Software-as-a-service (SaaS) which is a lighter version for smaller organizations

The Enterprise version, which is suited to larger organizations  comes enhanced with a customized mobile app that is available to every member of the church, the company said.

This third variant, developed in partnership with Gh-Asoriba Ltd, parades features as Centralized church data management, Church financial analytics and reporting, Events planning and calendar management with notifications, detailed membership management, Group/ branch/parish management and easy online and offline donations and payments, according to Paul.

Interswitch says the solution enables ministries to manage church administration, membership, communication, finances and payments more seamlessly.


Group Head, Industry Retails Chain, Interswitch Paul Ohakim during his presentation.

Also commenting on the launch, Mrs. Chinyere Don-Okhuofu, Divisional CEO, Industry Vertical Markets of Interswitch, remarked: “Our vision is an all-inclusive one that continues to expand to take cognizance of unique requirements of players in virtually every field of endeavor, particularly where payments are involved, not excluding religious organizations, where we have particularly identified an opportunity to add value, not only to the way payments are made and tracked, but to church management as a whole.”


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