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OnePlus smartphone unveiled with fast-charge technology

OnePlus smartphone unveiled with fast-charge technology

OnePlus, a mobile technology startup has released its long awaited flagship smartphone- the OnePlus 3 which the Chinese maker says is built with the fast charge technology.

The OnePlus 3 essentially represents the Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) kicking its plans for world dominance into the next gear, the tech company says.

The new smartphone features “Dash Charge” fast charging technology which adds a day of power in only half an hour, the device maker says

”It is a faster, cooler and safer way to charge a Smartphone, replenishing more than 60% of the battery’s 3, 000 mAh in 30 minutes and continues fast charging even when streaming video or playing energy intensive games”, the company says.

Front view of OnePlus 3 Smartphone
Front view of OnePlus 3 Smartphone

”This technology is made possible by leveraging a large electric current for stable, consistent charging speeds”, the device maker explains

”Dash Charge carries more current than other charging solutions, and at lower temperatures, by shifting the power management process from the phone itself to the Dash Charge adapter, so a vast majority of the heat generated while charging never reaches the device.”

The  OnePlus 3 also comes completely unlocked with an unlocked bootloader to give users maximum flexibility.

Along with five custom safety measures in place to safeguard the adaptor, cable and the phone itself, users can charge their OnePlus 3 as fast as possible without worry, the device maker said.

Commenting on the device, Pete Lau, OnePlus Founder/CEO stated, “we know that the best smartphone is the one that works exactly how you want it to. The OnePlus 3 delivers that experience.

“It combines what our customers already love about our products with what they want and expect next. For example, Dash Charge sets a new standard for fast charging technology. It’s a flagship Smartphone inspired by and made for our fans.”

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