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iPhone 8 is classy but the shimmer-like glass is why you may buy one

iPhone 8 is classy but the shimmer-like glass is why you may buy one

After several rumors, speculations and customers’ demand the long-anticipated iPhone 8 is finally out with superb features available on the smartphone.

The shimmer-like glass of the new iPhone 8 is a key feature that differentiates the smartphone from from previous iPhones, making it very rugged and durable.

Though there is not much difference on the iPhone 8 in terms of size and display as it could be easily mistaken for iPhone 7, this durable glass replaces the aluminum back of its predecessor with the glass shell that also suport a wireless charging feature.

iPhone 8, which is the latest but one of the smallest of Apple’s new smartphones can be found in gold, silver and space gray colours.

One can sum up iPhone 8 in few words: water-proof, noticeable speed boost and true tone, which alters the temperature of the display depending on one’s environment. This incredibly powerful machine has been replaced with a glass finish, large bezels and rounded sides and touch ID button below the display as it looks very familiar with its rounded sides.

iphone8 silver select 2017
Image of iPhone 8

iPhone 8 is quite powerful and elastic with the glass which can be found at the front and back and held in place with an aerospace. This glass serves aesthetic and reliable wireless connectivity functions.

The glass features a deeper strengthening layer which provides additional reinforcement, though it’s been revealed that the glass back of the phone is glued to a metal sheet making it more difficult to remove than the screen

Also, this unique and aesthetic feature may not be possible with metals. The glass plate means that there are two glass surfaces that could break when dropped, this is a disadvantage.

The glasses are reinforced by a steel and copper structure with nearly 50percent deeper strengthening layer.This makes iPhone 8 robust, scratches from daily use may not likely be noticeable,this may be of great advantage as there would be possibility of longer life span.


Though iPhone 8 lacks a headphone  jack,it also has great features  just like iPhone 7, due to the handset’s IP67 certification, which in theory means it should withstand being put into water upto one metre to 30 minutes, iPhone 8 is water proof.

iPhone 8 is almost twenty five percent louder than iPhone 7 due to the updated stereo-speakers  and it is way heavier than iPhone 7 at 148g. Also, according to Apple, the glass on iPhone 8 rear is the most durable glass ever on an iPhone.


There is no denying that the iPhone 8’s display is identical to the iPhone 7,iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6,that means it feels somewhat dated compared to its competitors, Galaxy S8 and Pixel 2.

iPhone 8 can be said to be among the sharpest and most vibrant on the market as the screen in the addition of Apple’s true tone technology which debuted on the 9.7in ipad Pro, alters the colour temperature of the display which solely depends on the environment, reducing harsh blue tones typical of an LCD when one is in a dim room.

The speed boost for iPhone 8 is noticeable compared to iPhone 7 as multitasking is easier on the iPhone 8. Siri (Operating System) has had a few improvements to make it faster to respond as the iPhone 8 ships with iOS 11 reworked lock screen notifications, a new control centre and Apple’s redesigned App Store.


The iPhone 8 has one of the best cameras with richer colours that are brighter, more vibrant and more detailed. Apple maintained same 12mp sensor with built-in f/1.8 aperture and optical image stabilisation on the iPhone 8 just like the iPhone 7. Changes can be identified on the video side with 4k recording available at 60fps and slo-mo video now 1080p at 240fps which are double that of the iPhone 7.

Different colour variant of iPhone 8

The quality of the iPhone 8 is generally excellent as variety of lighting conditions in and out were tried out when low lightning was involved, this was what iPhone 7 could not handle or cope with. The HDR increases saturation with natural and realistic colors.


The battery life is quite impressive considering the fact that the battery can last around two hours longer than the iPhone 7 as stated by Apple and is smaller in size than iPhone 7.

There is less stress in charging iPhone 8 as it is Apple’s first smartphone to support wireless charging and supports the Qi wireless charging standard as Apple claims that iPhone 8 gets to 50 percent charge in 30 minutes.


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