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iPhones, devices price cuts get underway at Gloworld Shops

iPhones, devices price cuts get underway at Gloworld Shops

Globacom has announced price cuts on Apple iPhones, smartphone brands, and devices at its Gloworld Shops to bring affordable tech lifestyles to consumers.

Globacom, Nigeria’s second national operator and owners of mobile network operator, Glo Mobile that has outlets called Gloworld Shops offering deals on the operator’s SIM and data plans including special offers on smartphones and devices.

In its current promos, Gloworld Shops are offering deals on Apple iPhones with the iPhone 11 128GB slashed from N450,000 to N405,00 and iPhone 11 Pro Max 152GB previously N830,000 now on offer for N775,000. 

iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB

Now: ₦775,000

Then: ₦830,000

iPhone 11 128GB

Apple iPhone 11 128GB

Now: ₦405,000

Then: ₦450,000

The iPhone 7 128GG Black that was N175,000 is now N150,000, the telcos announced on its website.

The smartphone deal is also offering the Samsung S20 Plus which was N400,000 for N355,000.

The Glo 4G LTE MiFi WiFi modem that was previously N15,000 is now available for N12,000.

iPhone 7 128GG Black

Apple iPhone 7 128GB Black

Now: ₦150,000

Then: ₦175,000

Customers who buy the Glo MiFi also get 30GB free data at purchase and activation including 5GB data when they buy N5000 data plan and above over the next six months, Glo says, explaining that the device comes in handy for homes, Small Businesses or individuals on the go.

Samsung S20 Plus

Samsung S20

Now: ₦355,000

Then: ₦400,000

The Glo LTE MiFi that connects up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously can connect users’ smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, game consoles, Smart TVs, among others to the internet, the telecoms giant says.

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