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ITU to address satellite communication issues among members

ITU to address satellite communication issues among members

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) says it is addressing issues related to satellite communication among member nations.

The UN specialized agency for ICTs believes that intentional interference involving satellite communications has caused problems among member nations.

“Harmful interference, including malign, intentional interference involving satellite communications in particular is detrimental to the concept of an open information society,”  Houlin Zhao, ITU Secretary-General said at the recently-concluded International Satellite Communication Symposium held in Geneva.

Houlin Zhao of China Secretary-General of ITU
Houlin Zhao of China Secretary-General of ITU

According to him, “ITU is committed to enhance and strengthen international cooperation amongst its member states, the satellite communications industry, the user community, as well as academia to develop innovative approaches in order to ensure that ITU procedures related to avoiding radio jamming are respected and applied by all countries at all times.”

More than 140 participants, including satellite operators and regulators, broadcasters, scientists and experts from the satellite industry attended the event to interact, share experience and discuss the effectiveness of existing and promising measures to combat satellite interference.

The discussions at the event centered on the current situation regarding satellite services, content delivery and interference as well as on innovative technologies developed by the industry to detect, identify, locate and mitigate harmful interference.

Participants also focused on new challenges in space monitoring, sharing spectrum and issues concerning interference with the advent of a new generation of satellites, including CubeSats, large non-geostationary constellations, radionavigation-satellite and space sciences satellite systems.

François Rancy, Director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau, says that “ITU’s work focuses on ensuring a stable regulatory and operational framework for the sustainable development of all radio communication services, in particular by managing spectrum and orbit resources so that these resources can be used without risk of harmful interference.”

“This is what permits billions of dollars of new investments to be made every year by the satellite industry, which contributes enormously towards shaping the information society,” Rancy adds.

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