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Job website survey reveals high job insecurity levels in Lagos




Lagos. June 16, 2013: A survey by Jobberman has shown that nearly half of employees in Lagos, the nation’s bustling commercial capital lack satisfaction with their current jobs.

Ikeja Computer Village
File photo shows a typical business day at Ikeja Computer Village in Lagos the biggest market for computer and allied products in West Africa. Growing job dissatisfaction among employees in the city may cause them to look for alternative to their present workplace, according to Jobberman survey

The jobs website says that job satisfaction is very crucial to the attitudes and behaviour of employees and employed job seekers underscoring that the rising state of job-related issues is tied to the satisfaction level of job seekers which in turn produces a great work force for the economy and vice versa.

In light of this,, the leading jobs platform in West Africa, decided to conduct a research into the general attitudes and job seeker behaviour of entry to mid-level professionals, the Lagos-based company announced.

According to Jobberman, the job desperation by the teeming youths in Nigeria led to this survey covering general job market insight and sentiment. The research sought to answer some of the following questions using random face to face interviews: What motivates and influences the mid-level professional as regards jobs and career placement? What is the average job-seeker behaviour? How satisfied and secure do employees feel at and about their jobs?

According to the survey report, nearly one-half representing 48 per cent of employed job seekers is dissatisfied with their current job, with a surprising majority representing 81 per cent of the employed expecting to actively search for a new job this year and in the next year.

Furthermore, 80 per cent of the respondents rated their current employers poor on career development and job security, with poor Career Development having the highest percentage. Respondents also rated their current employers on other factors including: the quality of overall management; work environment; salary structure, among other factors.

Therefore, desire for excellent career development, seeking a better skill match, higher compensation and personal fulfillment were listed by those currently employed as top reasons for seeking a new job.

Ayodeji Adewunmi, CEO of, says that, “our survey shows that a stunning percentage of job seeking employees were eager to change jobs because of the lack of/poor career development culture in a lot of companies. It is therefore clear that the lack of clear career development is a major issue and companies need to look into their career development culture nurturing it into a desirable state.”

This survey by Jobberman showed the following: Job security is highly valued (95%) even beyond good salaries; nearly all (97%) job seekers value the use of their skills and abilities and look to having a high fulfillment in what they do. Good salary structure is cited as an important factor.

Jobberman is the biggest jobs website in West Africa with over 750,000 users and 8,000 companies providing the latest jobs in Nigeria is headquartered in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria.

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