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Jovago’s new app to help hotel managers

Jovago’s new app to help hotel managers

Jovago, the online hotel-booking service says its newly-launched app will ease the daily task of hotel managers.

The new Jovago Extranet App provide insightful data a hotel manager needs on  pricing of his competitors, “thus helping him  make informed decisions on how to remain competitive”, Jovago says.

“Hotels on Jovago benefit from focused local marketing reach in Africa, generating business they could not tap into otherwise. We want to empower these partners to get the best out of working with us” Eduard Meyjes, head of Revenue Management at Jovago says,

“Phone communication can be challenging in Africa but with the app, hotels can make fast and reliable changes exactly when they want to. Especially smaller hotels can now benefit from smart tools that were only available to larger hotel chains before”, the company adds.

Eugene Too, Revenue Manager of the Panari Hotel, who has used the app said it is user friendly and well-designed, according to Jovago. For the Panari Hotel exec, the app works well with Android devices and can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere.

According to Too, the Jovago app “is a game changer for hotel revenue managers. It gives them the ability to make decisions on the go to fit into the dynamic world of the online shopper. This I believe will translate into better returns and will save on time.”

Jovago.com says it is now working towards unveiling the Web version of the app to further improve user experience for potential customers.

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