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Juwah: Telecoms has impacted vital sectors of Nigerian economy

Juwah: Telecoms has impacted vital sectors of Nigerian economy

Increased deployment of telecoms infrastructure has positively impacted key sectors of Nigerian economy, Dr. Eugune Juwah, the industry watchdog has said.

Juwah, Executive Vice Chairman, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) while presenting a paper titled “Connected Communities for Shared Prosperity across the Length and Breadth of Nigeria,” at the ICT Alliance Conference 2014 held in Abuja.

The impact of telecoms can be felt in the agricultural, financial, commercial and the educational sectors of the Nigerian economy, Juwah said,

According to him, in the agricultural sector, increased mobile penetration rate has greatly assisted in facilitating the introduction of the Federal Government fertiliser distribution system to farmers across the country.

In the financial sector, the drive for financial inclusion for the unbanked through mobile money, mobile payment and mobile banking solutions is being facilitated by the increased connectivity provided by the telecommunications industry.

In the commercial sector, several e-commerce firms are being established, providing job opportunities to Nigerians as well as providing business opportunities for other companies like logistics firms and other small and medium scale enterprises.

Telecommunications has also positively affected the educational sector with increased connectivity. This can be seen among others from access to online libraries, faster knowledge sharing among academic staff to providing academic information online, according to the NCC chief.

To further increase the contribution of the telecoms sector to the socio-economic development of the country, Juwah added that the telecoms watchdog is steadfastly implementing the Open Access Framework as specified in the Federal Government’s National Broadband Plan 2013.

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