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Kaymu: 2015 e-Commerce trends to watch in Nigeria

Kaymu: 2015 e-Commerce trends to watch in Nigeria
Nigeria’s e-commerce service provider, Kaymu has released its e-commerce trends to watch in 2015 with promises of ‘best user experience’ for the country’s growing consumers.
  1. Offline and online integration take ff
Over the years, click and mortar has been in clear competition with brick and mortar stores but all of that is about to change. The era of offline and online integration is at hand and it is vital to provide the best buyer experience.kaymu infograhics
  1. #EAT2015
 E-commerce firms must be flexible and adapt to satisfy the needs of empowered cyber consumer.  Social monitoring, more customer feedback channels and constant trend watching are a few of the tools necessary to understand this consumer.
  1. Marketplace crowned king
SMEs are seeking innovative ways to grow their business and the online marketplace will be the platform of choice due to the cost and marketing advantages.
  1. Delivery and fulfilment centres to run 24/7
With growing confidence in e-commerce consumers’ demands are bound to spiral in 2015 resulting in need for delivery and fulfillment centers to work round the clock.
  1. Rise of smarter tech solutions
2015 will see smarter tech solutions and empowerment technologies to satisfy consumers sophisticated demands.
  1. Increased investment In e-Commerce
Rapid growth in the commerce sector is hard to ignore and business veterans won’t be able resist. In 2015, expect an influx of capital and increased financial allocation to the e-commerce sector
  1. Cross sector partnerships
E-commerce firms will ride on the back of seemingly unrelated corporate and government giants for stronger alliances that will make you wonder what one has to do with the other.
  1. m-Commerce to drive online shopping
Desktops are so 2000andlate! M-commerce is expected to grow by 25% driven by the mobile internet penetration.
  1. e-Commerce will fire the dreams and aspirations of youths and middle class
Gone are the days when young ones wanted to be doctors and lawyers. Nigerian youths are so business inclined and are constantly seeking for the next big break in e-commerce.
  1. Online sales to triple
Globally retail trade accounts for 27% of GDP; e-commerce is projected to account for 10% of global retail by 2015. With online purchasing power and personalized shopping, online sales are bound to double this year across all fields.
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