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Konga.com offers deal on Nokia X


Konga.com has announced that its customers can now buy the Nokia-X which runs on the Android operating system with the online shopper saying it is the first to offer the phone in Nigeria at a deal of N19,200.

Konga.com said in a statement users of the new device which was unveiled recently can “now have an Android, Nokia and Windows experience all together at an affordable price.”

“The Nokia X comes with really amazing features such as a really strong/capable camera for taking amazing pictures, access to apps available on Android like BBM and Instagram; an amazing user interface, a very capable processor, an excellent battery, dual SIM,as well as coming in a range of colours that can go with any fashion accessories, shoe or dress,” Konga.com said in a statement.

According to Gabriel Umoden, Head of Marketing at Konga.com, “we are happy to announce the launch of the Nokia X at the price of N19,200 on Konga.com which is the lowest price anywhere online or offline in the country and its competes favourably with international pricing. The key to us is always to meet our customers’ needs, and we are constantly entering new partnerships with the sole purpose of achieving this.”

Konga.com said the Nokia X is available in four different colours and customers can pay on delivery or online and get it delivered nationwide.

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