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Lagos Council adopts card-based e-learning programme


The Yaba Local Council Development Area in Lagos State has introduced the use electronic learning cards for students to improve education using technology.

The initiative, branded Yaba E-Learning Empowerment Card is an Internet-based educational solution that will give students in primary, secondary and post-secondary levels an opportunity to get access to examination past questions and address problems that are usually associated with failure in examinations.

Jide Jimoh, Chairman of the Yaba Local Council Development Area, said the e-learning solution could be accessed on a computer or a smart phone through a card, which has a protected code for every user. He said the solution would empower students.

“Students in Yaba LCDA will be given Yaba E-Learning Empowerment Card to sign up for different categories of examination questions and answers as applicable to their educational level and academic pursuit upon assessing the IT-educational portal on the card,” said Jimoh.

Niran Oke,a computer science education expert, said the IT educational initiative would address the problems in Nigeria’s education sector. “With the use of the e-learning methods, students’ lives will be transformed”, he added.

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