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Little Sun Project for Africa gets $5m lifeline to deliver solar power


Little Sun project, a solar power project that addresses issues on poor and irregular power supply in major Africa countries has received a $5 million backing to grow its vision.

Bloomberg   Philanthropies is invested $5 million in the Little Sun project for Africa in what it cites as part of its mission to ensure better and longer lives for great number of people.

Founded by Olafur Eliasson and Frederick Ottesen, Little sun will work with local entrepreneurs to sell its lamps to households where electricity is scarce or unavailable, at prices that are affordable to families currently using costly and toxic kerosene for their lighting, according to its promoters

One solar-powered Little Sun light lasts for two to three years before needing a battery replacement, and can save households up to 90% over three years compared to what they would have spent on kerosene, according to the company.

Felix Hallwachs, Little Sun Managing Director and CEO said “Today, seven out of ten people lack access to even the most basic electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over the next 20 years, Africa is poised to hold the world’s largest un-electrified population,”

Bloomberg philanthropies however expressed optimism with its partnership with Little Sun to provide affordable and pollution free electricity to African countries.

“Too many families are forced to breathe in toxic kerosene fumes because they don’t have access to electricity. Solar-powered lights can improve their health and at the same time, protect our environment by keeping pollutants out of the air they breathe,” said Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies. “Little Sun is bringing clean, safe, affordable light to people who don’t have it today.”

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