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Nigerian businesses must speed up tech adoption, MainOne CEO says

Nigerian businesses must speed up tech adoption, MainOne CEO says

Nigerian businesses have been asked to speedily embrace disruptive technology to remain relevant in the 21st century business landscape.

Funke Opeke, CEO of MainOne, said this in Lagos when the tech company hosted its  flagship event, Nerds with theme “Radical Digital Transformation”.

Apart from connectivity to the Internet, there was need to work together in increasing the rate of technology adoption, local data hosting and content distribution in Nigeria, CEO of MainOne and owners of the international undersea cable that goes by the same name says.

Funke Opeke MD. Main one 3 Copy
Funke Opeke, CEO, MainOne

Businesses need to engage technology ‘gurus’ in sharing ideas to improve the standard of living, according to Opeke who says the the tech conference is designed to bring together professionals from the world of technology.

“Technology is critical to the sustenance of the Nigerian community. There is no way the economy will grow without technology and the need for radical digital transformation”, the MainOne CEO told attendees at the event held in Lagos.

Nnamdi Oranye , the chief speaker at the event advises Nigerians to be committed to the development of their country stating that technology remained the way to move the country forward.

In his presentation, Nnamdi quotes the United Nations saying that Nigeria would be third largest country in the world in 2050, hence, the nation could not afford to fail as a country as Africa would be dependent on Nigeria.

On the issue of development, Nnamdi says  Nigeria is described as a developing country because of its low industrial base, while explaining that technology and innovation must be used to identify trends and develop new ideas to ensure development in the country.

He also want Nigerians to take advantage of available tools to build a legacy for the coming generations.

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