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Medical Lab Council migrates to Nigerian-developed e-payment platform

Medical Lab Council migrates to Nigerian-developed e-payment platform

The Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) has migrated to an electronic payment platform to comply with the Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN]’s cashless policy.

The Council, which implemented Remita, an e-payment platform by Nigerian technology company, SystemSpecs, says the switch will now ease payment processes and offer convenience to corporate organisations and members that make payment regularly to the body.

MLSCN achieved this recently when it implemented Remita, a modular e-payment, e-collections, e-payroll, and e-schedule solution, on a single multibank platform developed by SystemSpecs, and it would be able to collect all fees and penalties on the platform instantly.

At formal ceremony at the MLSCN headquarters in Abuja, Mr Iliya Musa, Business Development Manager of SystemSpecs of Abuja and Northern Operations, explained that the platform would give over 20,000 members of the council multiple channels for making payment as they could make payments to the council at any bank branch listed on the platform.

This payments can be made through the bank’s Internet site, credit/debit card, Remita (for registered Remita users), mobile wallets or with direct debit/standing order, according to the platform provider.

SystemSpecs explains that part of the goal of the Remita project was to improve administrative and operational efficiency of the Council through proactive electronic invoicing of individual and corporate members, streamlining collection of fees and dues through multiple channels, and ensure prompt collection of funds into authorised MLSCN’s account.

“Timely provision of comprehensive transaction reports for effective decision-making and full compliance with federal government’s e-payment and e-collections initiative”, is part of the goal.

Head Collections, SystemSpecs, Jack Akpan informed that MLSCN’s clients could also use multi-channel collections platforms like banks’ Internet banking site, credit/debit card pay by Remita (for registered Remita users), as well as also paying with Mobile Wallets, Direct Debit/Standing Order and micro finance banks.

Remita presents individuals and organisations with a very simple and intuitive user intricate multi-party payment flows band, and was adopted by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for the payment and collections of funds for the Federal Government of Nigeria and used by all 22 commercial banks and over 400 micro finance banks in the country.

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