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Meet Nkemadu: ‘Animal doctor’ and new NCC spokesman

Meet Nkemadu: ‘Animal doctor’ and new NCC spokesman

Dr. Henry Nkemadu, a Veterinary Medicine graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, has become the Director of Public Affairs at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the nation’s telecoms regulatory agency.

Nkemadu’s new position makes him the official spokeman of the telecoms industry regulator “where he has traversed the length and breadth of NCC acquiring experiences that qualify him for his new role”, according to an official statement announcing his appointment.

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Dr. Henry Nkemadu, new Director of Public Affairs, of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), seen on the left of photo, receives a plate of kolanuts and eggplant from Emilia Nwokoro, the Controller NCC Zonal Office, Enugu

The new Director of Public Affairs was a former Controller of the Lagos Zonal Office of NCC, the agency’s largest zonal Operation; and has worked in the Departments of Economic Analysis and Corporate Planning (EACP); Policy, Competition and Economic Analysis (PCEA); Research and Development (R&D) and Projects.

It is a period of multiple elevation for Nkemadu who was last month promoted to become a full Director at NCC and was Head, Special Intervention Projects at the Projects Department before becoming the Public Affairs Director.

Nkemadu’s appointment as Director of Public Affairs was announced to the participants at the annual Workshop for Judges held at Enugu where he participated as part of the NCC’s delegation to the event.

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