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Microsoft Nigeria leads drive for data management, unwraps SQL 2012 server



By Ibrahim Olukotun


Emmanuel Onyeje, Country Manager, Microsoft Nigeria,
Emmanuel Onyeje, Country Manager, Microsoft Nigeria,

Lagos. February 22, 2013: Microsoft Nigeria has unwrapped its 2012 version of SQL server, a software application designed to manage huge and complex data in major drive by the software giant to lead the database management among businesses in the country.

The company described the software as a cloud-ready information platform that helps organizations unlock breakthrough insights across the organizations and quickly build solutions to extend data across on-premises and public cloud.

Microsoft says that the product is a response to the latest trend in the ICT sector with the move towards the “Big Data” era, which is “data so large, so complex or collected at such a fast pace that it challenges the capabilities of traditional data management systems.”

The software maker wants organisations observing a significant shift of volume, variety and velocity in their current data infrastructure to leverage on its ‘Powerful Data Machine’: SQL 2012 Server.

The debut of the product could not have come at a better time, Microsoft says adding that data volume is growing by 10 times every five years.

The company cited a report by IDC predicting the volume of digital records to hit 1.2M zetabytes (1021 bytes) this year and also expected to grow 44 times over the next decade.

The new version of the product is apt now that velocity of data creates new challenges as organizations now nearly instantaneously capture vast amounts of data from websites, machine generated data like sensors on smart grids, point-of-sale devices and other sources, Microsoft says.

Nanfa Kumswa of Availsys, a Nigerian based systems integration firm, who was also a key speaker at the launch says the software is capable of managing both structured and unstructured data.

According to him, varieties of data from social media networks like Facebook , Twitter and others generated by today’s users are mostly unstructured and threatens traditional data storage technologies.

Chidozie Ofoegbu of Farsight Consultancy Services, one of the companies that have deployed Microsoft technologies over the years passed a vote of confidence on the new product saying that the software maker’s pedigree in the sector is commendable.

According to him, his company’s product, Fintraks software, used by some banks in Nigeria for their daily operations essentially thrives on Microsoft technology platforms.

Varun Raja, Business Development Manager of Tech Mahindra adds that for over 25 years, his company has been using Microsoft in its operation because of the quality standards and easy usability of the applications.

“For over 25 years now, we have been making use of Microsoft technologies in areas of operations where needed. We have never had cause to regret because of their strict adherence to quality standards and user’s friendly approach of their applications”, says Raja.

Commenting at the Lagos launch, Emmanuel Onyeje, Country Manager, Microsoft Nigeria, pledged that the company will always adhere to its long tradition of transforming societies through live enriching applications.

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