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Microsoft, Nokia close Devices and Services acquisition deal


Microsoft has concluded its purchase of Nokia’s Devices and Services business, a development that will now make Nokia be fully part of the Microsoft environment.

“We have completed the steps necessary to finalize Microsoft’s acquisition of the Nokia Devices and Services business. The transaction will be completed this Friday, April 25, when we’ll officially welcome the Nokia Devices and Services business as part of the Microsoft family,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Microsoft also stated that the purchase would allow the company to speed up innovation.

According to the US technology company, “the completion of this acquisition follows several months of planning and will mark a key step on the journey towards integration. This acquisition will help Microsoft accelerate innovation and market adoption for Windows Phones. In addition, we look forward to introducing the next billion customers to Microsoft services via Nokia mobile phones.”

It adds that, “as with any multinational agreement of this length, considering the size and complexity the two companies have made numerous agreements to address items ranging from manufacturing to IT.”


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