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MSF Africa, Wari ink money transfer partnership

MSF Africa, Wari ink money transfer partnership

Pan-African financial technology company, MFS Africa and money transfer company, Wari, say they have partnered to bring Wari into MFS Africa’s remittance and payments hub.

Both companies said in a joint statement that Wari’s services are available in more than 60 countries with over 500,000 sending locations and at over approved 45,000 locations across Africa.

Connecting Wari’s platforms to the MFS Africa Hub allows Wari users to send money directly to any mobile wallets on the MFS Africa Hub. Reciprocally, mobile wallet users on the MFS Africa network are now able to generate a “Wari Code” used by Wari users to receive cash at approved locations or to pay any Wari service.

Dare Okoudjou, founder and CEO of MFS Africa says that “Wari is a household name in the African money transfer universe, especially in West Africa.”

Okoudjou says that adding Wari to the MFS Africa hub “expands our reach in key markets and gives customers even more options to send money to friends, family, and business associates across the continent at affordable rate and to have access to many more financial services.”

Money transfers to and within Africa are among the most expensive in the world according to World Bank. The World Bank reports that while the global average cost of international money transfer is 8% of face value, transfers to Africa cost on average 12% and transfers between African countries cost on average 20%.

Kabirou Mbodje, founder and CEO of Wari says the alliance of the two companies “is really the joining of two African giants.”

“We are thrilled to extend our reach to over 100 million of mobile wallets users across Africa through our partnership with MFS Africa. We look forward to working together with them to make money transfer within Africa even simpler, faster and cheaper.”

MFS Africa says it is now the largest aggregator of mobile wallets in Africa, currently connecting over 100 million wallets through its partnerships with leading mobile money operators, such as Vodafone, MTN and Airtel.

On the other hand, Wari claims to be the leader in West Africa region with more than $5 billion dollars received on its platform in 2015 and the largest network across Africa with 40 countries connected, 107 banks and more than 100 MFI partners offering its services.

Donatus Anichukwueze Technology Writer at Technology Times Media e-mail: donatus.anichukwueze@technologytimes.ng

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