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MTN makes top brand ranking

MTN makes top brand ranking

South African mobile telecoms operator, MTN and owners of MTN Nigeria has been ranked among an impressive ranking of the top 100 brands in the world.

The “BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2015”, published by Milward Brown, a leading global research agency, reveals that 18 technology brands and 12 telecoms brands are part of the top 100 most valuable global brands in 2015.

Apple leads the pack of the most valuable brands with a brand value of $246,992 million; with a 67% increase over 2014 brand value of $147,880 million. Google comes next with $173,652 brand value. Microsoft ($115,500 million) and IBM ($93,987 million) came third and fourth respectively.

MTN, which occupied the 94th place in 2014, and Indian mobile telecoms operator, MTS, occupier of the 93rd place in 2014 both dropped from the 2015 top 100 most valuable global brand.

Other top brands in the technology sector include Tencent (11th), Facebook (12th), Baidu (21st), SAP (24th), HP (39th), Oracle (44th), Samsung (45th), Accenture (51st), Intel (56th), Cisco (67th), Siemens (69th), Huawei (70th), LinkedIn (85th) and Twitter (92nd).

Chinese technology company, Huawei, comes into the pack as the only new technology brand with a brand value of $15,335. Yahoo, which made the 69th position in 2014, dropped from the top 100.

The top 100 most valuable global brands in the telecoms sector include AT&T (6th), with a brand value of $89,492 million. Others are Verizon (7th), China Mobile (15th), Vodafone (23rd), T-Mobile (27th), Movistar (46th), BT (58th), Orange (61st), new entrant, Telstra, an Australian mobile operator, (82nd), DoCoMo (95th), new entrant and a Japanese mobile telecoms operator, SoftBank (98th) and another new entrant, China Telecom (99th).

Kayode Oladeinde Technology Journalist at Technology Times. Mobile: +234 (0) 7031526929

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