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NCC: Nigerian telecoms industry is male-dominated

NCC: Nigerian telecoms industry is male-dominated

The Nigerian telecoms industry remains dominated by men with the biggest four mobile phone companies directly employing 9,031 people at the end of 2013, a new report by the industry regulator has shown.

According to the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), as at December 2013 the four mobile GSM operators, MTN Nigeria, Globacom, Airtel Nigeria and Etisalat Nigeria collectively had 9,031 staff directly employed in their organisations.

GSM Sector StaffThe NCC 2013 Year End Subscriber/Network Data Report for Telecommunications Operating Companies in Nigeria further reveals that of the 9,031 staff, 6,112 were male while 2,919 were female indicating that 67.68% of the total staff were male while 32.32% were female.

Of the total 9,031 direct staff employed in this market segment, 8,783 were Nigerians while 248 were expatriates.

A further breakdown shows that 5,871 were Nigerian male staff and 2,912 were Nigerian female staff while 241 were male expatriates and seven were female expatriates, according to the industry regulator.

The regulator’s report further shows that at end of 2013, a total of 3119 people were being employed by the four major CDMAs across the country including Multilinks, Visafone, VGC and 21st Century. Within the period, 36 of the CDMA sector employees are expatriates while 3,083 are Nigerians.

With the Nigerian CDMA sector, 2,090 of the workforce were male while 1,029 were female including Nigerians and expatriates.

A further breakdown indicates that VGC has the highest numbers of employees with a workforce totaling 2236 followed by Visafone with 563 with 21st Century and Multilinks having 197 and 123 respectively.

Expressing these figures in percentage terms, VGC has a total of 71.68 per cent of the total number of Nigerian CDMA workforce while Visafone has 18.05 per cent; 21st Century has 6.32 per cent while Multilinks recorded 3.94 percent of the total manpower.

ISP staffIn same vein, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) employed a total of 390 people at the end of December 2013 out of which 386 are Nigerians while 4 are expatriates.CDMA sector staff

Breaking the statistics into bits, 293 of the total ISP staff are male while 97 are female.

Vodacom Business Africa Nigeria Limited had the highest number of workforce in the ISP segment with 192 staff members representing 49.23 per cent of the total workforce in that business category followed by Internet Solutions Limited with 69 staff accounting for 17.69 per cent. Layer 3 Limited follows with 55 staff representing 14.10 percent; Swifttalk Limited had 43 staff corresponding to 11.02 per cent while Ngcom Limited and Entouche Networks Nigeria Limited had 22 and 9 staff respectively.

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