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New Brian Tab iw10 ‘can compete globally’, Nigerian PC maker says

New Brian Tab iw10 ‘can compete globally’, Nigerian PC maker says

“This device can be compared with any other in the world” were the the assurance by Brian Integrated Service, the Nigerian PC maker that just introduced the Brian Tab iw10 tablet PC into the Nigerian market.

The company owned by Nigerian technology entrepreneur, Mr Tunji Balogun, who also founded BalogTek Computers, says that the new entrant tablet promises to merge pleasure with business for Nigerian mobile device consumers.

Brian Tab iw10 made a market debut at a unit price of N65,000.

The Brian Tab iw10 is being introduced into the Nigerian market to fill a gap seen by the Nigerian technology company and one of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) accredited by the Federal Government to be a supplier of choice to the public sector.

Cinderella Makut, Product Manager at Brian told attendees at the Lagos launch that “the device can stand side-by-side with any major global brand because it is fully equipped with the latest technology and operating system from two major technology giants, Microsoft and Intel.”

“I can assure you when you purchase this product you won’t be disappointed because we make sure that each of its feature is genuine, the Office 365 in it is so genuine and for companies like Intel and Microsoft to partner with us, you should expect nothing but the best”, Makut added.

The trendy PC is equipped with Windows 8.1 OS with Office 365 Personal Edition that allows you customize your device and keeps items and document confidential.

Brian Tab iw10 tablet also gives a better and sharper display of pictures which means that with the tablet, “fun is redefined”, according to her.

Aside from the trendy look, a major aspect that was put in mind was the rigidity of the device which makes it fit for all and sundry.

‘’It is extremely rugged and durable. I can assure you we have tested it for series of months. It’s not just something we came up with suddenly. We took our time and paid so much attention to it. So, the end product is perfect and superb” Cinderella Makut told Technology Times in an exclusive chat on the sideline of the Lagos launch.

Other features of the tablet is 2GB DDRM RAM, 32 GB internal memory, keyboard dock and headphone jack, among others.


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