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New Country Manager wants Nigeria ‘to be relevant in the IBM world’

New Country Manager wants Nigeria ‘to be relevant in the IBM world’

Mr Oladipo Faulkner, new Country Manager of IBM Nigeria has told Technology Times that he plans to make Nigeria “more relevant” in the world of the tech giant, IBM.

Faulkner who spoke with Technology Times on the sideline of the IBM Business Connect 2016 in Lagos says one of his key focus areas will be to build “a lot of cognitive solutions into the local market to address business issues and challenges.”

On his watch, the new GM of IBM Nigeria, who succeeds Taiwo Otiti who served as Country General Manager, IBM West Africa, says he will accord priority to the deployment of IBM’s advanced technology capabilities. The IBM technology in this area includes its Cognitive, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics, Mobile and Security solutions, which Faulkner says will help to solve current and future needs of institutions in key economic sectors across the country.

Dipo Faulkner new country manager at IBM
Oladipo Faulkner new country manager at IBM

”I am very passionate about Nigeria as a country. More of the things I will like to see is IBM helping Nigerian businesses and including government, improve services as a nation and improve entirely the quality of life in Nigeria. The second is also from IBM point of view. I will like Nigeria to become a lot more relevant within the IBM world”, Faulkner told Technology Times.

IBM  will become more relevant in the new Nigeria towards contributing to help position the economy on the right path by providing required solutions locally to combat unemployment, corruption and development challenges, he said.

”I came into office some few days ago. So, I am still transiting into the role. But having said that, IBM is a cognitive and solutions and cloud platform company. What that means for us as a starter, for us as a business globally and is also a focus that we think will be relevant for the local market in Nigeria.”

According to him, “we are going to focus on building a lot of cognitive solutions into the local market to address business issues and challenges as well as platforms to help those solutions. That is basically our focus over the next two to three years and we hope to be very relevant within the Nigerian economy to help improve our services in banking finances and insurance, in government areas like health, in fast-moving consumer goods as well as other industries.”

Speaking of the huge potentials in cloud technologies that is yet to be tapped by Nigerians, the new IBM Country Manager told Technology Times that, “the first thing is to have a basic understanding about cloud technologies.  There are a lot of misconception about cloud out there in the local market and once we hear cloud, all they just see are the risks of cloud. I think there is a lot of education that is required within that space for people to understand what it is and the dimensions of cloud and what they can do with cloud. That is the first thing.”

Networking session at the event
Networking session at the IBM Connect 2016 event held in Lagos

For Faulkner, “the second thing is for each company to go on a cloud adoption journey. You have to have a very good understanding and the strategy put in place of how you are going to go on cloud and the strategy. You can’t just wake up tomorrow and say we are going to do cloud. No. It is a journey. So you start with what is most relevant, what is easier to do. You start with that and then you grow on that journey so for me. It is education to know that there is cloud strategy and there is cloud journey and also bring to play our experiences from outside the region to the local market so we can learn from them and utilise them.”

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